High end UAV performance

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For more than 30 years, South African company Tellumat (Hangar 4, Stand CE8) has developed and manufactured UAS subsystems.

This week at AAD, the company is launching its first-ever full-scale UAS system, Astus.

“The introduction to the market of Astus further entrenches South Africa’s position in the global UAS/UAV industry,” said Willie Malan, senior product manager at Tellumat.

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Considerations in commercial and military UAS procurement

There are a number of forces that guide, govern and in some cases limit the application of UAS technology. Adding to this, the classification of UAVs is confusing as there is no universal way to describe the differences between military and civil classifications of aircraft size, performance and maximum take-off mass. We’ve written a short guide on navigating this decision making process.

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