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Among the products Tellumat will be promoting at IDEX this year will be the ASTUS Unmanned Aerial System (UAS).

Launched at the Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition in September, ASTUS is a medium-size, medium-range tactical surveillance UAS, suitable for lengthy day/night missions requiring real-time surveillance data collection and delivery, such as border and coastal security, environmental protection and peacekeeping missions. It can also be used in the cost-effective training of UAS crews for the beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) operations of larger UAS.
The aircraft has a wingspan of 5.2m, a maximum take-off weight of 92 kg and is powered by a 210 cc fuel-injected 2-stroke motor providing 8 hours of flight time at 5,000 feet. Low latency payload control and monitoring is available via the modular, portable ground control station (GCS), which can be networked to allow control of ASTUS by more than one pilot and more than one payload operator, who could be geographically separated across very large mission areas.

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Considerations in commercial and military UAS procurement

There are a number of forces that guide, govern and in some cases limit the application of UAS technology. Adding to this, the classification of UAVs is confusing as there is no universal way to describe the differences between military and civil classifications of aircraft size, performance and maximum take-off mass. We’ve written a short guide on navigating this decision making process.           +27 21 710 2911    
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